Ruthrakali Amman Temple



The occupant of your sign is Lord Jupiter and he is the Lord of the sign, who looks after your health and prestige. In the 10th quadrant Lords Venus, Moon, Mars and Mercury are assembling to give you fortune. By the 3rd week the possibility of acquiring your target is possible. The kala sarbha dosha commonly slow down all the processes, but your sign will not be much affected.

Women and children at home: Will be happily attending all the affairs. They will be brisk and active. Certain financial need may be delayed. But the usual routine and progress will be good. New plans and accumulation of materials is quite possible.

Students: Are given nuisance by others. Their studies are going to be disturbed. They have to spend more time in reading. The laziness will prevail in their mood. Better, practice to get up early in morning and study.

The professionals and the business people: Are busy and they are likely to get rewards for their hard work. Since Lord, Jupiter is well in your sign. The worship to “God Brahma” will give you prosperity.

Lovers: Their trend for this month will be with important talks. Some suspicions in mind will be cleared. The next month will be on the way to progress.

The married people and spouses: Are feeling better them last month. Since the grace of lord Jupiter reaches your spouse in a good manner. The gay times, entertainments and privacy is very limited. However, the affairs are over. All trend will be good and nothing to worry. The dates 25th and 26th are unsuitable.


From your sign-to-sign cancer, there are no planets at all. This shows some overload of burdens and problems give much pressure for execution. Your brain will be much active since the 10th sign is looked by Lord Saturn; your profession will be slow but will be yielding good profit. The nature of progress is rising little by little. Some fortune in your attempts is also likely reach shortly.

Women at home and children: Will be holding well with their routines. The health point and moments in friendly circle will be with uneasiness. Sometimes you will feel that you are deserted. Such kind of observation will be there for next month also. Nothing wrong will happen except your feelings of loneliness.

Students: Are brisk and clever. Present team in which they move will make enmity. You have to be very careful to select your friends.

Business people and professionals: Are feeling an atmosphere of very dull trend. Even at this slump period you can win something. Your ability will help to find a new way to increase your gains.

Lovers: Their trend in this September is clamped with disturbances. The expected events are getting delayed and postpone. Lord Raaghu in your sign and Lord Kethu in your lover’s sign create a scene of drifting. You have to worship Navagraha Lords now.

Married persons and spouses: Will be facing restlessness. Even the domestic and finance affairs are with slump status. The kala sarpha dosha is giving this chain of disappointments. You have to bear this with challenge. On an event of luck and change of times, the troubles will be cleared and very good progress will commence. The dates 27th and 18th are not favorable.